The more listings you have online the more likely you will be seen, as the saying goes, looking for your business to be found, then having a listing. The Cheshire Business Directory offers all the members a website listing including a description, social media links, contact details and a logo.

Furthermore, the Cheshire Business Directory has a review facility meaning local people can leave a review for your business which will further strengthen your branding and gain trust from your customers. A directory is a brilliant way to search for local businesses, connect and interact with other businesses in the area. More and more people are  searching online so having an online presence is a must in business.  It can take up to three times of seeing your branding before a customer uses you and having a listing will strengthen local recognition for your business.  Your aim is to cement your brand’s image into customers’ mind – being on the Cheshire Business Directory will help with this. We will be using multiple strategies to promote the Directory.

The Cheshire Business Directory will be promoted by 5,000- 10,000 leaflets a month in Cheshire to private houses and businesses targeting Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Handforth, Cheadle Hulme, Heald Green and surrounding areas. The leaflets will be A5 size and double-sided with eye catching graphics to draw people into reading the leaflet, encouraging people to visit the website and follow the social media pages.  We plan to offer competitions and promote the Directory as a whole with different images and content to keep the leaflet engaging.

In addition, Facebook groups naturally invite more frequent interactions and discussions. Facebook groups can have a powerful impact on the users and on businesses as it generates a community feeling and a chance for users to build connections. Using a Facebook group for your business increases the Facebook algorithm and therefore gets your content higher in the newsfeed.  This is another advantage for joining the Directory as the Cheshire Business Directory includes access to our groups.   We also have multiple Facebook business pages with thousands of followers which adds further promotion to the Cheshire Business Directory.  There are over 2 billion active users on Facebook a month and it is the biggest social media platform.

This is highly beneficial to the Cheshire Business Directory as it helps our members gain more exposure and we also gain more connections for promoting the Directory. We plan to promote the Directory on Instagram to our followers as they like to engage with what is going on in the area.  We are using multiple social media platforms to promote the Cheshire Business Directory: this will help amplify the Directory’s presence.

This is excellent for meeting and making new connections for the Cheshire Business Directory. The more people know about the Cheshire Business Directory, the more people will use it.

We have numerous links in the business world including corporate, retail and family businesses. We work with all types of businesses and attend various networking events resulting in linking businesses together from various sectors.

Services such as bespoke leaflet distribution, marketing plans, social media advertising and event management. This is excellent if you regularly use us for distribution.

Another excellent incentive is that directory members can refer a business to the Directory and we give you £30, or £30 in vouchers, for every successful sign up. We also offer a free advisory service for our members where  members can ask us for advice on what projects they are doing, or advice on their marketing strategies and so on.

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