How I Went From 0-100 Clients in Six Months

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As we get ready to wave goodbye to 2021, it’s a great time to stop and reflect on the last 12 months. (And yes, what a year it’s been!) Take stock and focus on your business’s strengths and areas for improvement. Doing so will make your plans for the new year much more effective.

Do Leaflet Drops Work?

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I always knew that reading endless celebrity gossip in Heat Magazine would pay off - even if my Mum didn’t believe me. Growing up, I was your typical girly girl who was always playing with barbies, dolls and my gorgeous house rabbit, Daisy. As an only child, I enjoyed spending time on my own and when I wasn’t surrounded by pink toys, I’d probably have my head in a book or be writing stories. Fast forward 20 years, and I’m now doing that for a living…

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business

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Twitter is one of the world’s leading online social media platforms, allowing you to post short, 280-character tweets. You can post, share, comment, and follow to your heart’s content - along with 190 million other daily Twitter users from across the globe. Find out why you should be promoting your business on Twitter and we give you 6 Ways to Boost Engagement on this social media platform.

Why now is the time to invest in your business

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Effective marketing allows us to create and maintain strong customer relationships. So investing in your business’s marketing strategy is an essential step if you wish to boost customer engagement, and build your business.

Top 5 budget marketing trends in 2021

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July 2021 has redefined our understanding of marketing. Never before have we had to be so adaptive to change. Our customers’ habits are changing daily. The way they buy, shop, and consume is in a state of flux. They are looking for new solutions to new problems. So how will your business adapt? And how can you reach your ideal clients on a budget? Even if you have the best product in the world, you can’t maximise sales if you’re locked away in your office, or shop. You need to open up your doors, and tell the world what you can do for them. If you’re looking for free, fast, and impactful marketing strategies for 2021, then read on. In this article, we’ll outline 5 budget trends that you can use to redefine your business’s place in the market.

How to maintain a healthy work-life balance

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Over the last two weeks, the team here at The Cheshire Business Directory have been inundated with inquiries from businesses across Cheshire and Greater Manchester. With normality now in our grasp, businesses are working harder than ever to be seen and heard. But with these raft of changes, expectations and additional pressures, it’s far too easy for those work-life balance scales to become misaligned.

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