With summer finally arriving many of us will be kicking off our shoes and reaching for our sandals.  After several months of our feet being in hibernation in socks and slippers, our feet may need a little TLC before we are ready to step into our favourite summer shoes.

  1. Ensure you cut nails straight across and not too short. Making sure there are no sharp corners. But no digging down the side with your scissors/clippers.  Use a file to smooth off any rough edges.If you are having trouble cutting your nails, then come and see us at Alderley Edge Foot Clinic and see the professionals who can deal with these conditions.
  2. Take care of your nails and cuticles, ensure the cuticle which protects the nail is well hydrated.If your nails are dry, brittle, or discoloured get some advice and treat any fungal infection sooner rather than later as fungal infection can spread to other nails and can take a lot longer to get rid of. We offer fungal nail tests with results in 5 minutes, so we can get you on the right form of treatment. When your nails are not smooth, we have a treatment known as Pedisafe nail reconstruction for those irregular looking nails.
  3. Use a foot-file to remove dry, hard skin. Use a file on a dry foot, before you get into the bath or shower. Use an exfoliator on your feet which can help to rehydrate and leave a smooth finish.Do not use a metal grater style file especially if you have underline health problems. if your skin is too hard or splitting come and see the Podiatry team, we are medically trained and able to remove skin safely.
  4. Moisturise using a urea-based foot cream, this will help soothe the feet and rehydrate dry skin. Urea aids in protein synthesis and provides the body with beneficial nitrogen.  This natural moisturiser is found in healthy skin, though dry skin has lower levels.  In addition, urea boasts antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties.If there are corns or verrucae, we advise not to use corn plasters on them as they destroy the surrounding tissue and can cause infection if your immune system is impaired.  Podiatrists can remove corns easily and painlessly.  We offer courses of treatment for verrucae depending on size and length of time it has been there.
  5. Warm weather can increase the moisture on the skin which can often lead to fungal skin infections known as athletes’ foot. Treat itchy feet with a course of treatment of an antifungal cream, spray.  Do not forget to treat your socks and shoes.If unsure see your Podiatrist for professional help and guidance, we can prescribe medications to help relieve symptoms.
  6. Wear your new summer shoes/sandals in gradually for short periods to allow your feet time to adjust and prevent them from rubbing and blistering the skin. Your feet will expand throughout the day, so try and choose shoes/sandals with adjustable straps/laces so can easily loosen.We can give guidance on shoes/sandals, types that will be more suitable for your feet. There are different foot types so for instance if you have a high arch, you may need something that has a slight heel rather than a flip-flop.

We also offer a range of treatments from:

  • Podiatry – dealing with nails, skin, corns.
  • Dermal Foot Filler – for those painful corns or loss of cushioning in the foot.
  • Nail Surgery – removal of nail for ingrowing toenails.
  • Lacuna Nail Fenestration – fungal nail treatment.
  • Fungal Nail Testing.
  • Falknors Needling – verruca treatment, chemical treatments also available.
  • Diabetic Checks – with vascular and neurological testing.
  • Biomechanical Assessment – assessment of the lower limb looking at alignment and function of joints.
  • Bespoke Orthotics – cast of foot taken and prescription for modification.
  • Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) – for soft tissue injuries, ligaments and tendinopathies.
  • Foot Mobilisation – for foot and ankle injuries, helps with the function of the foot.
  • Pedisafe Nail Reconstruction – enhancing those unsightly nails.
  • Reflexology – Reduces stress, relieves pain, promotes health and wellbeing.

Exciting times at Alderley Edge foot Clinic due to demand we now have three Podiatrists with a combined 45 years of experience which will enable us to reduce waiting times.

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