Following the success of our first International Evening in December, the Guild for Lifelong Learning on Bourne Street, Wilmslow will be hosting another fantastic social evening on Thursday 29th June from 7.30pm.

We’d like to invite anyone from the local community with a love of language to join us. Perhaps you already study modern languages, or might like to restart your learning. Complete beginners are very welcome. This is also a great opportunity for students of language classes at the Guild to celebrate their learning and achievements whilst meeting others outside of the classroom.

“At the last Guild International Evening, we sang around the piano in various languages.  The lady standing next to me said it was just the best thing for her.  Languages and music are made for each other.”

“Such a wonderful and successful evening .So many happy faces sharing their love for languages and foreign cultures.”

The evening will include a foreign language book fair, and several course tutors will be available to answer any questions.

You are welcome to bring your own drink; soft drinks are available to buy. A variety of nibbles will be provided, to give you a flavour of foodstuffs from Germany, France, Italy and Spain. There is no associated fee to attend this event.

“Language-learners and Language-lovers inevitably develop empathy.
I have urged my classes to step into other cultures with both feet, braving the shock of using another language to get to understand the people.  As soon as you listen to the stories of other cultures, you are inspired, and you learn from and about the Lives of Others. You get closest to the hearts of people when you reach out in their language. I met John le Carré in 2017 and he told me this: the decision to learn a foreign language is an act of friendship, a holding out your hand, the decision to teach a language is an act of generosity, a promise to kindle a flame that you hope will never go out. I like that very much!”

Janine Turner, Guild German Film Club & recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for services to German in Great Britain.

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