People struggle with social media content for several reasons:

  1. Lack of time to regularly create and post content
  2. Difficulty in generating ideas for content that is consistent and compelling
  3. Lack of a system in place to manage and organize their social media presence
  4. Lack of accountability to ensure content is being posted regularly
  5. Difficulty in staying current with social media trends and platforms.

All of these factors can make social media feel like a burden and can result in missed opportunities for businesses to reach potential customers and grow their online presence.

One of our members of The Cheshire Business Directory has come up with an innovative solution to support businesses with their social media posts and make them accountable to post consistently on their platforms.

Becs Bate from Social Media Executive Ltd has trained over 700 hundred businesses on social media and the one common stumbling block she’s identified from clients is creating consistent content to post. Yet this is the difference between success or failure on social media.

Therefore she’s developed The Social Flock for businesses who do their own social media but need a bit of support from like-minded business professionals who understand the struggle of creating consistent and compelling content for social media.

This motivational group offers accountability to keep your social media on track with weekly writing sessions, monthly training webinars, expert tips, inspiration and advice from industry leaders.

No longer do you have to let the stress of social media content creation get you down, because you’re not alone. The Social Flock is here to help! With a supportive community of business professionals, you can simplify your social media presence with:

  • WEEKLY CONTENT WRITING SESSIONS where you can write your posts together on zoom with the group
  • MONTHLY TRAINING WEBINARS with expert advice and inspiration to create high reaching and engaging posts
  • REGULAR SOCIAL MEDIA POST IDEAS to inspire your content creation
  • WEEKLY LIVE TRAINING with tips and advice on social media and the chance to ask questions
  • FEATURED GUESTS sharing their expertise on various social media platforms and topics
  • THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUDDY UP with other members and receive feedback on your social media posts
  • INTERACTION AND ENGAGEMENT from the group on your important posts to increase reach
  • A PLACE TO POST QUESTIONS, ASK FOR FEEDBACK, and share your successes in a supportive community.

You can access all this support for just £45 per month. Just click here or the button below.

The group was only launched in September 2022 and just four months down the line members are already realising the benefits. One member has started posting regularly on LinkedIn, a platform she wasn’t confident with, resulting in great engagement.

One week members were challenged to post a video and an embroidery company did their first ever video and got a sale within 5 minutes of the post going live!

Using the tips from the group another member got the highest ever reach on a post. And other members are seeing increased web traffic as a result of posting more regularly on social media.

Here’s some feedback from some of the members:

“I committed to myself to sign up to The Social Flock in September. I needed someone to hold me accountable for my online activities which were unplanned and sporadic to say the least.

I have to say I thought long and hard before joining but haven’t regretted it. It may sound daft, but having to hold myself accountable by logging into a weekly Zoom meeting just makes me clear my desk and my head for that one hour putting all procrastination tactics aside. I get the work done.

The rest of the program is a bonus on top of that.”
Alex Dodgshon, Uscita Business Brokers

“I really love working with Becs at the Social Flock. She provides a great platform to ensure that you get your blogs done each week as well as a forum for bouncing ideas off the other members of the flock. Becs is our brilliant shepherdess! If you need help with your social media or just some people to share ideas and queries with then the Social Flock is the place to be!”
Graham Heap, Probate Genealogist

Becs would love to welcome you to The Social Flock and help you with your social media content. You can join here or click the button below.

Becs Bate Social Media Executive

Becs Bate, Social Media Executive Ltd

Becs Bate is a social media trainer and consultant. She has trained over 600 businesses in the last four years achieving fantastic results through organic reach with the clients she’s supported, receiving over 120 five star reviews.

Her strategy is to focus on the target audience, not going for viral posts or collecting followers. It’s about getting business by building relationships and building communities.

Prior to Social Media Executive, she worked for Nomad Games, increasing their Social Media community from 400 to over 20,000 in 3 years. These were highly targeted followers and fans that repeatedly bought from Nomad Games and were loyal supporters of the brand.

Becs works with organisations large and small, ranging from delivering LinkedIn training to sales teams at Jungheinrich, a global folk lift truck manufacturer, to training members of the British Dietetic Association (a professional association for UK dietitians), many of which are sole traders.

She’s delivered workshops on behalf of Manchester Metropolitan University, Chester University and  Warrington BID, been invited as a delivery partner for TEDx Warrington, spoken at over 50 business events, was a finalist FSB North West Awards 2022 and the UK Social Media Awards 2020.

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