No matter what industry your business is in, how long you’ve been trading for or however many people are working behind the scenes, it’s likely we all want more customers.

While there might not be a formula for overnight success, there are a few crucial steps you can take that will help to get your name out there. Here, I reveal some of the best tried-and-tested techniques for growing your business.

Look into other revenue streams

In the most basic sense, one way to grow your business is to make more sales. If you’ve already built up a customer base from successful sales, why not see if you could offer your customers something else? Maybe a new product or service? Or optional add-ons?

For example, if you run a product-based business, could you charge extra for installation? If you’re a designer, perhaps you could make additional money from uploading your designs onto a client’s website or email signature? Take some time out to think about what your current product or service solves and consider what other challenges your ideal clients might have.

Consider subscription models

Another way to grow your business is to find different ways of offering your current products or services – such as bundles or even subscriptions. By using a subscription model in your business, your clients either sign up on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. You can even give them the option of auto-renewal. Not only does this mean that you’ll receive income more regularly but you can focus on customer referrals while your existing clients continue business as usual.

Entice people with offers

One of the easiest ways to get people interested in your business and, indeed, to invest in it is to offer them some attractive deals. If you’ve never done this before, it can feel daunting. After all, reducing your prices, offering free trials or even giving away products can all seem like you’re taking a step in the wrong direction. But instead of thinking about what you might be losing, switch your mindset to think about what you’re gaining. By giving customers a taste of your products and services, you might be bringing them in for many years of business.

Get out and about

It goes without saying that you need to get your business name and message out there if you want people to act and take notice. That’s why networking events are so popular. But it’s not just a case of going in for the hard sell at these events. Instead, make use of the time and connect with like-minded people. Perhaps they might have some advice for you, maybe they might refer you to a connection or they might even require your services. There are many benefits of attending networking events and it can be essential for growing your business.

Set up social media pages and groups

Another way of getting your business out there, and boosting your growth, is to set up social media profiles. Latest figures from Sprout Social have even revealed that the majority of consumers head to social media to learn about a business before they choose to get in touch. An active social media profile helps to boost your reputation and awareness and you can also use it to interact with potential customers. Having a presence on social media also means your business can be found more easily and people are more likely to share your profile with friends!

Invest in yourself

By this, I mean invest in yourself as a person and also your business. If you don’t, how are you going to improve and grow? For yourself, keep an eye out for courses and workshops as well as networking events that will boost your skills and knowledge and help you to provide an even better service. Business-wise, consider which areas could do with a little helping hand? Perhaps you could focus on marketing? Maybe a professional logo would enhance your image or you could even hire additional staff. Investing into your business and your people is a sure-fire way to grow quickly.

Focus on your customer experience

What a customer thinks of your business can make or break it. After all, if they’re happy, they’re more likely to recommend you and buy from you again – which is essential for business growth. For this reason, you need to focus on quality experiences and retention techniques like customer loyalty programmes. Prioritise customer service, showcase your value with regular communication, and don’t forget to keep your business promises. If you say you’ll call them, do it.

Partner up

This is another reason why networking can be so successful. For example, you might meet someone that’s in a similar line of work as you. Maybe you could partner up with them to offer workshops and courses? Or, you might meet someone else in a completely different line of business but with the same ideal client base. Could you come together on joint services and products, aligning your strategic goals for growth? Think outside of the box and consider how you could help other business owners as well as how they could help you.

Measure what you do

I always tell people this. If you don’t, how are you going to know what’s working and where to invest more money? It can be as technical as using email and social media analytics or even just speaking to people. If you get a new customer, ask them where they found your details. The same can be said for if someone decides to pause their contract. Ask them why and see if there is something you need to refine for future customers.

Be brave

Remember, you won’t get everything right. But by being bold and adaptable, as well as consistent, you will see growth. There isn’t one thing you should be doing over another, instead it’s about taking lots of small steps to get to where you want to be. It’s not going to happen overnight either but I guarantee that if you look back over the past month, quarter and year you’ll see that you’ve moved forward. That’s another thing I always recommend: regularly assessing your business to see how well you’re actually doing.

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