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Sorted! is a decluttering and organising service for both homes and offices run by Sian Pelleschi.

Based in Stockport but covering on-site sessions across the North West and Cheshire and virtual sessions across the world, Sian is available for anyone who needs help with their space, paperwork, system processes, storage and general clutter.

A Board member of APDO – the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers – Sian is backed by the only professional association for the industry. Her aim is to inspire, motivate and declutter as many lives, homes and businesses as possible.

So what does Sian from Sorted! do?
She gives you the confidence and support to achieve things you never thought you could!

How does she do it?
By helping you with your clutter, paperwork and general systems within your home that doesn't or isn't working for you.

Through consultations, virtual or hands-on sessions Sian helps you make decisions about your items, understand why you're not letting go, look at new ways, setups and storage that can help you moving forward.

Why does she do it?
Because Sian knows first hand how clutter and mental health come hand in hand and can be a driving force for negativity in our lives that we just don't need. She has a passion to help others be in a better place. Through this passion and purpose she offers a supportive, non-judgemental and friendly approach to working that is firm but kind. Helping you to achieve more in your home than you realised could be achieved.

Not only is it about making space work better, it's about providing a solution that will work for the longevity and isn't just a quick fix. Sian doesn't believe that getting rid of everything is the key. Some people like to have items in their lives, others don't. It's about creating spaces that are comfortable, liveable and controlable for you. After all, it's you who live there!

What kind of stuff does Sian deal with?
Anything from small areas of clutter and general disorganisation to wardrobes, lofts, garages, houses and offices. If you have an area, room or even whole house that bothers you, Sian can help.

Who does Sian work with?
Primarily families but anyone looking to downsize or move, and those with little or no time or drive to focus on their space and the processes within their home.

Why contact Sian?
If you have a feeling of constant pressure, a worry, nervousness, feeling of overwhelm and panic about any area of your home or office, you need to do something about it.

The biggest step is reaching out, so why not take that step and get in contact. You've got everything to gain.

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