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Scent A Peace is a small family run business based in Cheshire.

The original idea came from my son experiencing breathing difficulties with his asthma due to candles I was burning in the home. At the time unknown to myself and many others these expensive candles were made of paraffin wax which release toxins and have a detrimental effect on the young, old and anyone with respiratory problems. My intention was to produce good quality natural wax candles at an affordable price in stylish packaging. So not only do they smell good they look good in your home.

My products are hand made in Cheshire using the highest quality materials that are sustainable.The fragrances I use have been blended for sole use in Scent A Peace candles so you wont find another candle smelling the same, they are unique. A high quality product at an affordable price.

Scent A Paws is a luxury dog grooming range which is natural, organic and eco-friendly. All our products are safe and healthy for both owner and pet. They contain a prebiotic which helps to strengthen the skins friendly bacteria to work against microorganisms reducing irritation, dry flaky skin and odour. Delivery is within a 5 mile radius anything further away will be posted.

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