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Dedicated, certified, experienced IT cloud consultant, cybersecurity engineer, solution architect and trusted advisor working with you side by side.

'A trusted advisor doesn't wait until his client suffers the consequences of continuing down a path that no longer serves them. A trusted advisor uses his trust and influence to have difficult conversations, and they use his advice to help their clients choose a different path' – Anthony Iannarino

I am the highly skilled, experienced (25 years and counting) and certified consultant, IT professional working with businesses of any size, bringing and adding more value to the table and driving positive and well-motivated transformation to your workplace and business environment.

The example of my work is moving or migrating your data (and even your computer) closer to the cloud, allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime on any device and seeing the same files, folders, your precious data. Thousands of various settings and policies will be deployed and injected into all the systems, working for you in the background tirelessly, 24/7 for example making your Windows and Office Updates work without interruptions, scan your computer automatically against security threats or helping you automatically check any link in your email, so you will not get phished.

You and your business environment will be always updated, secured and protected against data leaks, loss, phishing and ransomware attacks and all your technology area will become more compliant with various standards and legal requirements like ISO or GDPR. You will be able to clearly describe to your customers where their data is stored and for how long and how is it secured. Finally – you will get a real security outpost working for you 24/7 in the background so you can dramatically reduce the attack surface area and focus on your business.

The example products you will be utilising are Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Defender security product range, OneDrive cloud storage, Office 365 suite, for more demanding customers there is Sentinel SIEM solution or Cloud app security products and many more but at the same time, I am not a fan of just selling you the license, box, product or subscription – I'm going towards 'utilising' so you can really squeeze this lemon, if it's a product, license, solution, toolkit, you name it, after working with me you will save or at least reclaim the most precious value – your time. Of course, you will also save money too and increase return on investment.

As I am always saying – whether you ever do business with me, if you agree to spend some time with me, I am going to share a great part of my experience and knowledge, so you might see your business technology area in a different light. That is something that makes me happy because I can see my skills and over 25-years' experience work for other people and my vision is to optimise and thrive. This way you can help and support your customer and add value – that's reciprocation at its' best.

Thank you and see you soon.

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