No1 Carwash Handforth

No1 Carwash Handforth

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  • No 1 Hand Car Wash

No1 carwash based in Handforth is a great drive through car wash because the friendly group of staff thoroughly wash your vehicle by hand paying attention to detail, then chamois dry to prevent streaking.

We also offer additional valet service at affordable prices. Also there are opportunities to have your business advertised on the premises.

  • 0161 499 1122
  • 233 Wilmslow Rd, Handforth, Wilmslow, SK9 3JZ

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By: Anonymous on Oct 8, 2019

I often attend this place to have my car washed. Highly recommend and a professional job. I also advertise my business by having a sign which gets me more business.

No 1 Hand Car Wash
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