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Hi, I’m Louise Mosley, corporate escapee & founder of NB Coaching

I meet many business owners who left corporate life to set up on their own because they had fantastic skills & a passion for the services they offer.

However, in time the reality of working alone sets in. They find themselves working harder &harder, spending less time where they really add the value, forgetting why they went into business in the 1st place!

I help corporate escapees to grow their business by focusing on their WHY & utilising their unique skills & talents to add value & create a business they are proud of.

I have over 20 yrs experience in Sales & Marketing, from working in pharmaceutical sales to managing hotel reservations in Honduras, so when I say that I have a unique range of experience to pull from & can help you find the solution that’s right for you, I really can!

Some of the problems I see:

  •  Frustration, you are working hard yet not getting the results you deserve
  • Overwhelm. You see other businesses who look as though they have it all sorted & feel you should be doing the same, but deep down you know it's not really you!
  • FOMO! You give lots of things a try, but the scatter gun approach doesn’t get the results you want leading to you to question your own abilities

Through coaching, mentoring & utilising tools from The Entrepreneurs Institute, I design bespoke 1:1 packages & group programmes to address your specific needs:

  •  Identifying the blocks to growth
  • Allowing you to focus on your skills & stop wasting time trying to emulate the way others do it
  • Reconnecting with your WHY & your passion for your business
  • Supporting you to implement your plan & create the results you want

There is no one size fits all. Rather than following the path that others think we should be following I believe we should all be supported to create our own route. Leveraging our unique talents and skills to create a business and life which we are proud of.

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