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Louise Barson Art

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Are you looking for a splash of colour for your home? A finishing touch for a room? Or for your office? Do you love to have unique or original items in your environment? Or seeking a unique gift for friends or family?

Colour has such an impact on our surroundings and responses. As a local artist in Cheshire; I help you create a beautiful, engaging home utilising my vibrant, unique paintings often inspired by an aspect of nature; with a choice of mediums ands themes.

My colourful, original paintings positively impact people’s energy & mood and bring them joy. My clients love the feeling they get from having something unique as a finishing touch for a room that pulls their space together or acts as a focal or talking point depending on the energy that they wish to experience in that setting.

Clients can either choose something from my existing portfolio of watercolour, acrylic or mixed media paintings or commission an artwork from me; a versatile artist; a painting that I create for them. I have made commissioning a painting a simple process and enjoyable process. You can read a blog about this on my website.

Do you notice colours and textures around you whether in the clouds or the bright speck of a tiny flower at your feet or the changing seasons? I believe that despite the demands and noise of modern life we are all more connected to nature than we think. I can share my joy and passion for art and creativity with others by offering inspiring experiences in 1-2-1 sessions or small group workshops of 4 to 6 people. A great gift idea for family or friends or the opportunity for some creative team building or self-care provision in your business.

If you see the world the way that I see it; let me bring a splash of colour into your life through original paintings, bespoke commissions, limited edition prints or my art calendar and greeting card range or art sessions.

To date my paintings have been exhibited at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery: Wolfgang Webster Art Gallery & regional exhibitions and venues around Manchester.
I created "My Charming Digital Prince" aka Kerm.IT #stockportfrogs for Stockport’s Giant Leap Forward Art Trail Summer 2019.
Although a local artist in Stockport, Cheshire some of my paintings now hang on client's walls in Manchester, other parts of the UK plus Europe, Canada and Australia.

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By: Anonymous on Sep 11, 2020

I lost My beloved Labrador Button on the 1st April this year. I asked Louise to commission a piece so we could remember what a fun and vibrant gorgeous girl she was. I was so nervous about this as she meant so much to me it had to be the prefect representation of her showing both her looks and personality. When we went to see the completed piece my daughter and I were totally overwhelmed that Louise has nailed it! It’s totally amazing. We then bought it home to show my husband and he loved it too. So grateful for this beautiful piece to remember my girl. Thank you so much Louise. X

Talented artist

By: Anonymous on Jun 15, 2020

I saw the ‘Huddle’ painting by Louise Barson artist and instantly fell in love with it. The colours are vibrant and eye-catching as with all her paintings, and so unusual. Louise has an exceptional talent for focusing in on a subject and making it colourful and interesting. Would highly recommend.

Brilliant experience

By: Anonymous on Dec 2, 2019

We really like Louise\'s use of colour and style of painting so arranged a commission and gave Louise a piece of multi-coloured fabric as a reference source. Louise produced 4 stunning paintings that go perfectly in our room. They are stylised trees and evocative of all the occasions that we spend walking in the woods. And as a bonus Louise was also able to introduce me to the excellent framer that she uses. Brilliant! I highly recommend you have a look at Louise\'s portfolio or commission a painting from her. Linda Saleh, Cheshire.


By: Anonymous on Nov 9, 2019

Louise art is amazing. I recently purchased a calender which contains Louise\'s artwork and life quotes - amazing. Louise is a lovely person to get on with and very talented. Highly recommend.

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