Freelance Hair & Makeup By Zowie

Freelance Hair & Makeup By Zowie

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My name is Zowie Pointing, Im a freelance hairdresser, make up artist and trainee cosmetic aesthetician.

I provide a high standard of services in the comfort of your own environment all over Greater Manchester. I specialise in new mummies and love working with ladies post partum to get them feeling amazing about themselves after giving birth.

I provide 14 years of experience with endless amounts of knowledge as I am constantly researching and gaining education on what will work for my clients. I have worked freelance for around 7 years so have everything we need to make it comfortable and professional.

I provide all clients with a prep sheet so they know what to expect and follow up contact to make sure they are happy along with any advice on products in between visits.

I pride myself on building relationships with my clients and am completely transparent with pricing and opinions.

Having trained with Vidal Sassoon straight from high school I gained world renowned training in both hairdressing and customer service. I listen to exactly what my clients want and talk them through every detail before starting, I make sure we are both happy with what is going to be carried about and any potential risks or maintenance you may incur. I love having friendly strictly professional conversations while visiting and love to sit with a cuppa and a nice catch up while your hair is developing.

I love my job and live for my career, in my spare time I love to write informative blogs on everything hair and make up, I feel this gives my clients a fun way of reading about new trends, and a more honest approach to the world of hair and make up!

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