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I can create and design cakes to suit your occasion in and around the beautiful town of Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Be it for birthdays, weddings, anniversary’s, religious occasions, or events, I can create a design for you that your friends, family and acquaintances will love both visually and gastronomically! A wide selection of recipes, over a hundred different choices of fillings to suit your special cake. You will definitely find your favourite one!

I also design various other sweet decorations for your special occasion as mini cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, box sweets, chocolate greeting cards etc.

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To die for cakes

By: Anonymous on Dec 13, 2019

Best cakes and unique decorations. Simply 🔝

Disney\'s Moana Cake

By: Anonymous on Dec 13, 2019

We ordered a cake from Olga for our daughter\'s 2nd birthday and it truly was the most amazing cake I have ever seen or tasted. Everyone at the party commented on it and my daughter loved it. The cake was based on Disney\'s Moana and there was so much detail and so many elements to it - I wish I could add a photograph to this review because words don\'t do it justice. Olga was great to work with and she put so much love into making the cake. In terms of taste, every part of the cake was delicious. It was also huge and despite everyone going back for seconds we had leftovers which we froze and enjoyed over the following weeks! I wouldn\'t go any where else for a cake now. Thank you Olga!

Delicious cakes

By: Anonymous on Dec 10, 2019

Olga is amazing, her cakes taste amazing. She uses different flavours, no more plain vanilla sponges! The detail used is out of this world to create these masterpieces. These are truly a work of an artist! I cant wait to order one. Xx

Delicious Art

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