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Brilliant Fires Design Centre

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Brilliant Fires Design Centre is a revolutionary electric fireplace showroom based in Poynton.

In a world of outsourcing and mass production, Brilliant Fires do things rather differently. When you visit the design studio, you’ll realise everything – down to the smallest detail – is designed and produced on site. From initial CAD drawings and full scale prototyping, through to electronics and hand finishing. We do it all ourselves and it’s all here to see at the Design Centre which is next to our factory on London Road South in Poynton.

Brilliant Fires was founded over 30 years ago. Always at the forefront of fireplace technology, Brilliant is a British manufacturer, producing a wide range of energy efficient electric fireplaces.

When designing our fireplaces, we aspire to find elegance and function that work in harmony with the materials. Our fireplaces are tasteful, slimline, efficient and don’t have the artificial look you would usually associate with electric fires.

Unlike any other electric fires, we use real logs in our flame effect to give a very realistic fire. We source the logs from local tree surgeons and oven dry them. Our craft workers then select and hand split the logs to make the realistic arrangements that make our fires so unique.

Another area of our expertise is our completely silent 3D flame technology. We don’t use ribbons, fans, bulbs or water vapour. Instead we have an array of microchip-controlled LED’s with no moving parts. So not only is the flame effect totally silent, it’s incredibly economical to run – less than £1 per year.

Being a manufacturer, we can continually develop new products to fulfil our customers requirements.
For example, take our latest innovation, a full depth electric fire that’s been specifically designed to replace your existing gas fire. All our fires are 100% efficient but simply removing your gas fire and stopping the draught from the flue, will make your room much warmer.

Please feel free to call or visit our factory showroom to see our full range of real log electric fires for yourself.

As well as being open to the public 6 days a week, we offer a consultation service to architects, designers and developers.

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Brilliant Fires Design Centre

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