Evolve Family Law

Evolve Family Law is a family law and private client law firm based in Holmes Chapel Cheshire and North Manchester and was founded by family law solicitors Louise Halford and Robin Charrot.

Louise Halford and Robin Charrot set up Evolve Family Law in 2015 after spending many years as family lawyers in large city centre commercial law firms. They wanted to be the sort of lawyers you like; focussed on you and your needs.

Seven years on and Evolve Family Law is thriving and Louise and Robin could not be happier with their decision to quit the city for the good life in Holmes Chapel Cheshire and North Manchester. In 2022 they were proud to be in a position to transition Evolve Family Law to a 100% employee-owned business.

Why is Evolve Family Law different?

Louise, Robin, and the team at Evolve Family Law like to think that the Evolve family lawyers and private client solicitors do things a bit differently. Unlike many lawyers, they focus on the person, not the case or the fees. That means listening to what their clients want. That may be an amicable divorce, reaching a financial settlement or contact with the children after a relationship breakdown, or getting a specialist Will written for a business owner in need of estate planning advice.

What does Evolve Family Law do?

As expert family law and private client solicitors Evolve Family Law can help you with:

  • No-fault divorce proceedings
  • Sorting out divorce financial settlements including family businesses and pensions
  • Agreeing to child custody and contact arrangements or applying to the court for a child arrangement order
  • Unmarried couples and property ownership and children law disputes
  • Relationship agreements including cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, and separation agreements
  • Private client services including Will writing and Will reviews, estate, and inheritance tax planning, lasting powers of attorney, and probate services

 What sets Evolve Family Law apart from other solicitors?

There is lots of choice when it comes to choosing a family or private client solicitor in Cheshire so how do Louise and Robin make sure that Evolve Family Law set itself apart from the competition?

Louise thinks it is nothing more than a feeling; that you have found a solicitor who ‘gets you’ and who is there to find a solution that works for you and your family. That means no preconceptions about what you want or need but who listens to you and acts on that with supportive advice and who is there to actively find a solution to your family law or private client law needs.

From Robin’s perspective, it is about being the sort of lawyer who is not stuffy but approachable and for whom going the extra mile is nothing special; it is what they do for every client who comes to Evolve for help.

Whether you need help, or you want to refer a client for family law or private client legal advice secure in the knowledge that they will be in safe hands, Louise Halford, Robin Charrot, and the team at Evolve Family Law are here to help.

Website:     https://www.evolvefamilylaw.co.uk/

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/evolvefamilylaw

LinkedIn:    https://www.linkedin.com/company/16971159/

Phone:        0345 222 8222 

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