We all assume that the hours we work now will help build up the financial security to retire comfortably. Typically, the primary method of saving for our retirement is a pension, and likely to be our largest investment.

When I speak to clients, the word ‘pension’ doesn’t fill many people with joy. It sits in the background, it’s dull, and is a low priority for you now.

I understand.

Because of this, huge numbers of people neglect to plan for their retirement properly.  This is scary because if you get it wrong it may be too late to plan for the retirement you deserve.

Let’s not leave it to chance.

Ask yourself the following questions, ticking the ones you can answer:

  1. How much is currently in your pension?
  2. Which providers are your pensions held with?
  3. Where is your pension invested?
  4. How has your pension performed relative to your benchmark?
  5. What is your target pension value at retirement?

Most people struggle to answer more than 1-2 of these. This is very normal. If this is the case for you, you may want to consider whether you are truly in control of your retirement planning.

I can help provide clarity by carrying out a detailed review of your pensions. This means that you can start your journey to a happy and comfortable retirement.

Please get in touch to book a Retirement Review.  Your first meeting with us is held at our expense, with no obligation.

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About Ben Mulroney

Ben Mulroney is a restricted financial adviser within True Potential Wealth Management.  True Potential Wealth Management LLP is authorised and regulated by the financial Conduct Authority. FNR number 529810. Registered head office: Newburn House, Gateway West, Newburn Riverside, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE15 8NX

Your capital at risk, investments can fluctuate in value and investors may not get the amount back they invest.

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