My name is Rebecca Moloney & I’m a partner with Utility Warehouse, the UK’s only multi-service provider.

Rebecca Moloney

Price is important & savings can be made by bundling all your services together, gas, electricity, broadband, mobiles – sims & handsets, insurances, all on 1 bill, 1 account, 1 password, 1 HO phone number, (or me), simplifying bill life & by bundling everything together, savings can be made.

I’ve been a happy customer since July 2017 & a happy Partner for the same amount of time, once I saw how simple the switching process was. UW did it all & I felt confident recommending them.

I can help people save money, earn money, or both… I will just give information, it’s then entirely up to you. No sales techniques, no mither… I genuinely love helping people.

Call 07899967469

Kind regards, Rebecca

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