Too many people impacted by Stroke get written off and are left feeling isolated, well that stops when they are introduced to StrokeInformation.

The charity tagline is #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere and that is unique, they have walked the walk, got the t-shirt, written the book and made a film but this won’t stop StrokeInformation helping anyone who finds themselves where we once were.

Rebecca Moloney

Yes, StrokeInformation not only provides help, support and advice it keeps in regular contact via telephone, email and also a free weekly Zoom drop-in which is attended by people all over the UK who have had a stroke.

I network with Nick Clarke of StrokeInformation and really believe in what they do, both in supporting survivors of strokes (plus their family members, friends, carers, employers or benefit advisors etc) and in educating schools, colleges, leisure centres and gyms. Educating people on what to look out for since the sooner a stroke is identified and medically treated, the more chance there is for the survivor to experience minimal long term damage.

I abseiled in October to help with their fundraising and next wanted to do something, quite literally, a bit more hard hitting – Boxing! It’s hard work involving 2 one-hour boxing training sessions per week!  This is serious training and it’s exhausting.

I will be fighting for real on the 4th Feb at Bowlers Exhibition Centre and really want to raise some money – as well as avoid the punches! Please help me to help StrokeInformation.

Rebecca Moloney is fundraising for StrokeInformation – click here to make a donatation or go to

Thank you.
Rebecca Moloney

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