It’s A Steele!

For many years, I have worked in business development roles. I started as a naïve telesales agent, working for a local newspaper selling classified ads. Over the years, I worked in the corporate world, building my career in sales.

Yes, I ACTUALLY loved targets, and enjoyed building those business relationships. Then I was made redundant and had the opportunity to figure out how I could use the skills I’d learned to build a business for myself!

It’s hard work, running a business. Sometimes, you can feel overwhelmed with everything. Spinning plates. Are you busy? Or are you a busy fool!

Perhaps you’ve had business plans in the past and been all gung ho to get cracking, but then real life kicked in and you were sucked back into your day to day operational duties?

Believe me, I get it. I’ve been there. That was me.

When I set up It’s A Steele, I was very clear on how I could help other business owners to grow. It starts with an Action Planning Session, where we put your business through the wringer, we look at who you help, how you can meet the needs of the people you want to do business with, what exactly do you want for your business (more clients, sell more services/products, find new clients) and pull together a fabulous 90 Day Plan, with measurable actions and timelines.

That’s just the start of it! Some of the actions in the plan are the responsibility of you, the client. However, what I also do is take over some of those sales and business development activities that you’re either not comfortable with or simply don’t have the time. I basically become your new Business Developer.

The magic comes in the shape of an accountability partnership. I don’t just leave it with you and hope you’ll deliver. No way. We will work together and hold each other to account, with regular check-ups and milestones ticked off.

My unique, “Kick-Ass” approach will help you to define your growth targets and make sure we work together to DELIVER those business objectives!


  • Sales Planning
  • Freelance Business Development
  • LinkedIn for Lead Generation
  • B2B Business Growth

Why not give me ten minutes of your valuable time to explain how you can work on your business as well as in your business! I promise you, it will be worth it. Call me on 07881 288323 to arrange a convenient time to chat.

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It's A Steele

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