Kate has the quirky combination of being an expert in Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing. She has a wide range of skills to offer resulting in a professional service based on secure understanding of the requirements of businesses.

Project Management is her speciality using her extensive knowledge executing the designs, carrying out the planning and ensuring events runs smoothly and efficiently.

Her experience in the business world, both nationally and internationally, is extensive together with her excellent business acumen, and she is more than qualified at board room level conversing with CEOs and Directors. Kate brings outstanding value to every aspect of business life and has vast experience to contribute to industry success.

With Kate Fox at the helm, Fox Graphics Design and Marketing excel at guiding companies who want to be noticed and raise their game to get ahead of their competitors. We are able to take a project from conceptual design all the way through to implementation.

“We listen, we understand, we interpret, we innovate, and we deliver”.

Kate Fox - Fox Graphic Design & Marketing

The subject recently has been business goals and resolutions.

I have had an energized and positive start to my ‘Dazzling’ 2023, I have uploaded some useful and thought provoking blogs, they are below amongst my 4 focuses of this year.

  • Design/Branding
  • Design/Marketing Retainer
    30 hours a month – only one place available for a lovely business where they get me working inside and out of the business.
  • Marketing Consultations
    Deep dive into your business on a one to one where we can focus on what is needed for you and get the communication right. 5 hours.
  • Social Media Packages
    To keep you consistent and visible and if you like with very little input, so allowing you to focus on your own successes.

Kate’s Background

At aged 28, Kate worked for the Southeast Cheshire Technical College where she ran training programmes for the long-term unemployed working with both blue and white collar workers.

Kate gained enormous experience in project management for the hotel industry, and with a high IQ she achieved more by the time she was 30 years old than most others achieve in a lifetime.

Having trained in London, Kate spent many years in operational management within the Hotel and Catering industry where she was a renowned trouble shooter. She joined the ‘A’ team, and her brief was to train the ‘B’ team to re-organise establishments by turning them upside down and inside out to create a more efficient and flowing department resulting in delivering a high quality service to customers.

Once known as an International Foreign Expert, her vast experience stems from working for large hotels in the UK and Turkey. At the Piccadilly in Manchester, she had 144 staff reporting to her including 7 departmental management staff. Kate held the position of Line Manager/F & B, reporting to the Deputy General Manager, and her task was to empower and train department managers to run their department as individual units inside hotels to become more efficient and cost-effective. Kate provided training manuals for employees to operate more effectively for the European market.

In her early forties, Kate went to Manchester University to train in Graphic Design, and then started her own business in Graphic Design and Marketing in 2008.

She now has a very successful business helping a diverse range of businesses to achieve their goals and far beyond.



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