I am Kate…Kate Fox of Fox Graphics Design & Marketing. I kept 2 things from my marriage, my daughter and my ex-husbands name – FOX, good choice, I think. Oh, and a sheepskin coat.

It’s a brilliant name for a company and I have embraced it, designed it and animated it. It is now global.

What makes me tick – art and design, beautiful things, nature, water, sailing, skiing, the mountains, history and architecture.

I guide my clients to be noticed and raise their game by using design, brand and marketing strategies which enables their businesses to triple in turnover and get ahead of their competitors.

I qualified with my degree in Graphic Design in 2008 at the age of 45, divorced and bringing up my daughter alone, so I started Fox Graphics to be able to be around when she needed me, in a little cottage in Sutton. I have evolved into an Art Director/Conceptual Designer and competent Marketeer. I enjoy branding, animations, all things creative, including creative thinking to market companies. This has led me on to being a design and marketing person for an international chemical company and many more sectors.

My ideal client is in manufacturing/engineering and b2b, I’d love to have a go in the fashion industry also. Companies between £2M -£40M turnover are a good fit for me, but to be honest, I am a sucker for anything that floats my boat from a creative angle. Oh, and mentioning boats, dream client would be a boat builder or marina…. any thoughts!

My clients tend to be confident entrepreneurs who have the confidence to follow through with their businesses and who are forward thinking mavericks and a bit of a marmite like me. It’s a mindset and type of person more than a sector.

My USP – why people should choose me:

Services we supply are design, branding, websites, marketing, animation, photography and videography, social media training for LinkedIn and many more, but mainly design and marketing, always love a challenge, keeps my creative juices going and keeps me humming!

I also offer Marketing Consultations to have a deep dive into your business and branding message. These sessions have been popular and prices start from £150 plus VAT which is a great affordable price.

Videos on my Linkedin profile and website and my contact details are all here – www.foxgraphicsdesign.com

Introduction – https://foxgraphicsdesign.com/2020/11/17/kate-fox-introduction-filming/

Linkedin – linkedin.com/in/kate-fox-follow-the-fox

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdfZLhGpXyjLeZHl89532GA

Mobile – 07927 -131600

Email – kate@foxgraphicsdesign.com

Many thanks, Kate

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