Career Garage equips & empowers Mid-level – Senior professional jobseekers to find wellbeing in their working life, by equipping them with tips & methods from over 25 years in Recruitment, helping them circumnavigate 2022’s job search market.

  • All 1-2-1s delivered via Zoom – location irrelevant
  • Turning average job seekers, into laser focused job getters, delivered in 1 hour!
  • Learn how to apply, stand out and shine when applying for jobs in today’s market
  • Have you considered how AI is stopping your CV being seen by a human?
  • Does your CV or LinkedIn profile need reviewing and updating?
  • Discover the hidden job market! Are you using Social Media to open any doors into the hidden job market?
  • Use LinkedIn to reverse engineer other’s career paths, will this help you focus
  • Regain confidence and direction
The Career Garage by BlockIT Recruitment Ltd

About Rebecca Moloney

  • My name is Rebecca Moloney, I set up BlockIT Recruitment over 4 years ago and Career Garage is an additional offering, where I can really add value.
  • I love helping people and I love being self-employed, being 100% accountable to myself.
  • I help individuals finding IT roles, whilst helping employers to grow their teams.
  • I also help individuals to understand todays’ job search market, explaining how they need to plan their job application activity, how to stand out and make themselves interviewable.
  • Working with HR Managers, offering group sessions to businesses, (5-15 participants), as part of a redundancy, leaving package. Let me save their soon-to-be-unemployed staff hours of misdirected job-search activity, they’ll thank you in the end…
  • I work from home, in Stockport, where I live with my partner, Jason and my slightly dog-like cat, Tash / Ms Tashingtons / Tasharoo
  • I used to be in the Military Police in the British Army, based in Germany and have represented Great Britain in Short-track ice speed-skating.
  • My foster daughter, Sam, is married, lives in Kent, with her hubby Keith and their 2 cats. She is now a qualified and experienced Family Solicitor and makes me proud every day!!

Rebecca Moloney’s USP

  • 25+ years in Recruitment, across several sectors
  • NVQ3 in Advice, Information & Guidance
  • Experienced in writing programmes for 1-2-1 and group training
  • Delivered in a straight-talking, direct style
  • Able to build confidence and self-belief, identifying strengths and explaining how to deal with weaknesses
  • Explaining AI in the Recruitment process, identifying opportunities to beat the system
  • Explaining why Recruiters are pressing the delete button on your application

Ideal clients

  • Responsible HR Managers, looking for solutions for their staff facing redundancy
  • Professionals who’ve lost their confidence and job-search ‘mojo’
  • Individuals recently made redundant
  • Anyone who hasn’t had to job-search in the last 3 years plus – it’s changed out there, a lot
  • People who think their CVs and / or applications are brilliant – but aren’t being contacted

07899 967 469

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