Ben and Jenna Mulroney, the husband and wife team behind Ben Mulroney Wealth Management, are proud to announce that they have recently partnered with Mike Newman’s incredible Charity, Speed of Sight.

Mike’s tally of records is truly unmatched by any other blind driver having now amassed an impressive 8 world records – 6 land speed records, 1 water speed record and 1 aerobatic record.

Fuelled by his driving experiences over the years, Mike set up his charity, Speed of Sight.

Speed of Sight is truly inspirational. A dedicated team of volunteers run track events throughout the country whose aim is to empower disabled people of all ages. They allow a disabled child or adult a chance to forget, if only for a little while, that they have a disability. When everyone else says ‘no’, Speed of Sight say ‘Yes!’ and, ‘If I can drive that race car, imagine what else I could do?’

Ben and Jenna joined Mike and the team at Seven Sisters for an amazing day earlier this week. To be part of an event such as this, even in a small way, was a complete honour. Ben Mulroney Wealth Management are grateful to Mike and Speed of Sight and look forward to supporting them for many years to come.

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