Adults now spend a quarter of their waking day on the internet. 37 minutes more compared with January 2020.

So when you budget for the months ahead, ask yourself this: will digital marketing make the cut? With the world so freely accessible to you, now is the time to prioritise your company’s online presence.

We’ve all been there. You’re so busy scrolling through your social feeds that you forget about the time. But it is now confirmed. According to a recent Ofcom report, we now spend over 4 hours a day hungrily devouring the internet.

Social media consumption continues to grow, with 49% of adults stating that it is their only source of news. It’s now easier than ever before to boost a post or promote your page to the world. Even with a relatively small budget. And for many social media brands, advertising is their primary income. Facebook and Google combined had an estimated 78% of UK online advertising revenues in 2019.

So what kind of posts have really taken off during lockdown?

Well, thanks to a shift in our behaviour patterns, we have been left yearning for interaction with others. So unsurprisingly, video sharing is on the up. When we’re scrolling through our feeds, it’s the video drops that have caught our attention. The smiling face, honestly self-promoting, or offering a nugget of hope.

Sharing video content can be relatively inexpensive, yet highly rewarding. 90% of adults have used a video-sharing platform (VSP) in the last 12 months, and the reach is on the up. UK adult internet users spent an average of 29 minutes a day on YouTube. And with an audience of over two billion, advertising on the site helps brands attract fresh audiences.

Social newcomers TikTok were one of the fastest growing services during the pandemic. In the first 4 months on 2020 alone, they increased their adult reach by 7.5 million. Promising to turn your ‘brand’s culture into a cult-like following’, TikTok use short form video to promote your product with the world.

Invest and reap the rewards

If you have the funds, speak with a professional marketer, videographer or social media specialist. As well as offering advice, they will be able to support you in creating a medium-term advertising plan.

Even if the pandemic has left you counting the pennies, dedicating just 20 minutes a day to posting and engaging with your followers will help you to generate more organic traffic, and therefore, new business.

Whatever your budget, make 2020 the year you invested in your company’s digital marketing. Your audience is ready and waiting. So go get ‘em.

Need help?

I work with clients who are struggling to get the reach they’re after. Either time is not on their side, or they just want someone to promote their business for them.

The Cheshire Business Directory have a combined social media following of over 100,000 individuals and businesses. We also deliver up to 10,000 leaflets to homes across Cheshire, every month. And with a range of packages to suit all budgets, we can help you to get the reach that you deserve.  Prices start from £25 a month.

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