I’m honoured to write a guest blog for my lovely friend and client Kerry from Cheshire Marketing, as a marketer, Kerry understands the importance of social media success so I can’t wait to share my input with you all.

After working as a social media manager for 3 years now, I want to share with you my top 3 basic tips to elevate your small businesses social media success.

Starting and running a business was hard for me, I will be completely honest, but knowing at least the social media side of business meant I had an advantage in reaching my ideal audience.

Within my social media, the tips we will discuss are always found in the work I produce, it is so simple to include them as a base for your content and social media too!

Whether you’re finding it tough to stay on top of posting regularly or you just struggle to get the creative juices flowing when creating content, these tips should be consistently used within your social media pages to find success online.

These are things we should all be doing to make sure our content and business social media pages are kept up to a good standard and are successful!


Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users.

With this many monthly users, Facebook can be an extremely valuable social media tool and platform for your biz.

Before we get to the tips, just why should we utilise platforms like Facebook for our small businesses to achieve success?

Using a social media platform to promote your small business is an ideal way to reach a new audience and show off your biz.

Your services, products and content can be put directly in front of your ideal audience.

This ensures you are on the pathway to success online, firstly you’re visible! This means your ideal audience and customer now has the ability to find you!

Most if not ALL businesses in 2022 are relying on the use of social media to run a successful business.

Which is exactly why you should be doing this too!

Let’s use larger businesses as an example.

Big businesses don’t just hire social media teams for fun, they understand the value which running a successful business social media page can create for your business which is why they bring someone on to do these things for them.

The social media managers and guru’s that larger businesses hire to support their social media pages will always ensure the social media content etc contains these things as an absolute minimum to ensure their social media is successful at an extremely basic level.

Now, I am absolutely not suggesting you need a huge social media team to start the path to social media success, just a few simple tips and some self motivation and you can do a lot of it yourself!

Not only can you create a successful social media on your own, you can also do it for free!

So, here are my top 3 tips which you can apply to your own small business to start your journey to social media success!

1. Content matters!

Your social media content is what your audience associates with your brand and business.

Make it stand out.

Engage your audience with your content and your business will become more visible online!

Remember to really put some thought into what you share, it’s a representation of your business, your content should always be engaging and relevant to your individual audiences needs.

Always provide valuable content.

Use https://www.canva.com/en_gb/ to try creating your own images.

2. Create an attainable strategy including goals!

Your strategy is your business plan to success.

Ideally it will have what you want to achieve online for your small biz and how you will achieve it.

Try to make sure it is something you can actually achieve, be realistic.

Yes it would be nice to gain 1 million followers by the end of the year, but is this strategy what you actually need to be successful online and is it truly something you can do?

Always aim to see improvement on your social media.

How will you spot the trends?

3. Consistency is key

Posting regularly ensures your business remains visible online!

Be careful to avoid over posting and spamming the newsfeed but ensure you post regularly enough to make sure your audience keeps on engaging and noticing your social media content.

Scheduling posts in advance is a great way to prevent forgetting to post for long periods of time! Facebook even has their own app called creator studio so you can post and measure metrics from there!

As always, there is endless room to improve on our social media knowledge but I hope these 3 simple tips for your biz’s social media success can help you create a more professional and engaging social media page.

Rome wasn’t and never will be built in a day.

There is so much education online to teach you more about social media success for business in 2022, taking the m basic elements discussed in this blog even further to build on your knowledge and social media style.

Billions of people use the various available social media platforms each month so ensuring your content and strategy is engaging as many of those relevant consumers as possible means continuous possibilities for social media success.

Remember, never underestimate the power of social media.

Daisy Whelan from Simplicity Scheduling.


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