In April 2020, 4.57 billion people were active internet users. That’s an increase of nearly half a billion people in the first four months of 2020 alone.

The coronavirus pandemic serves to remind us just how reliant we are on the internet.

Traffic is up. Your audience is primed and ready. But are you? Whether you are just starting out or you’re long established, this is the time to grow your online business presence. Here’s how:

Get social

If you’re looking to widen your network or reach new clients, seize this opportunity to explore unfamiliar social media platforms.
For example, if you want to appeal to a younger demographic, sharing a video on TikTok could be a valuable marketing tool. Equally, with its 630 million active professionals, LinkedIn offers users direct access to fellow business owners. The platform also offers a range of paid ads, from text to sponsored inmail.

Drop a video

We are all missing those daily interactions we once took for granted, so internet users are actively seeking out content which features people. Why not drop a video on your social? Just you, talking about your business: what you do, why you do it and what you can offer. If (like us) you’re not particularly rocking the lockdown look, don’t panic. We naturally gravitate towards people we can relate to. So just smile, relax and be yourself. People love a friendly face.

Follow the trend

Coronavirus has had a profound impact on both consumer behaviour and spending. Amazon’s earnings across the last three months were equivalent to £26,000,000 an hour. Yes, an hour. This phenomenal revenue reflects the dramatic change in buyers’ spending habits. Look at the latest consumer trends and research the current market. Could you adapt an element of your business to meet your customers’ changing needs?


With many now cutting back on marketing costs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there are less businesses out there to compete with. If you have the budget, use this opportunity to advertise, advertise, advertise. Paid ads, like Google and Facebook, are becoming cheaper, so it is now easier than ever to get the reach you are after. Remember, speak to your ideal client. Tell them what you can do for them.

Jump on a Zoom

Zoom recently added 100 million new users in 3 weeks. No bad, eh? That is an additional 200 million users from across the globe, every single day.
Why not use the platform to catch up with previous or existing clients? Use this opportunity to strengthen your current network. Outline how your services can support other businesses: post-pandemic. You could offer a skill swap, or even discuss prospective business collaborations.

Get creative

Ever turned your hand to writing?
If your business hasn’t got a blog, now is the perfect time to get one. Google loves active users, and regular blogging improves your website’s SEO rating.
But having an active blog doesn’t just make you more visible. Both writing and reading are known for their therapeutic effects. Creating and engaging with new content can also leave us feeling motivated and inspired. But if writing prose is not your thing, use a professional copywriter to do it for you.


Why not add another string to your bow?
Millions of people from across the globe are using this opportunity to sharpen up their knowledge or to learn brand new skills. Whether you want to brush up on your bookkeeping, or learn a new language, the internet is brimming with free courses just waiting to be discovered. Don’t forget to share your journey on your social media platforms.

Check out some of our favourite providers:

  • Open Learn at the Open University
  • Reed
  • Oxford Home Study Centre

Be strong

Our lives have been completely changed by this pandemic. In these challenging times, it is far too easy to let negativity consume us. But try to find the strength to stay positive. We have to believe that our businesses will survive, and will emerge from this crisis better and stronger than before.

Get support

If you are struggling to get your business seen and heard, then The Cheshire Business Directory are here for you. We help business owners showcase their products and services, using a range of strategies, both online and off. We have advertising packages to suit all budgets and requirements. We even promote businesses directly to prospective clients. Every month, we deliver up to 10,000 leaflets to homes across Cheshire.
With a combined Facebook and LinkedIn following of over 28,000 individuals and businesses, The Cheshire Business Directory speaks to thousands of active users every day.

And when it is safe to do so, our acclaimed Cheshire Business Directory networking events will return, giving you the chance to mingle with like-minded businesses from across Cheshire. And (of course) enjoy a cake and a glass of fizz.

Get in contact for more information. We’re always here to help.

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