Now this is a question I hear a lot: do leaflet drops actually work? Do you see a return for your money? How much does it cost to design, print and deliver promotional business leaflets? Do people actually read leaflets dropped through their door? Or are they just destined for the bin?

In this month’s blog, we’ll address everything you need to know about using door drop marketing for business promotion.

Door Drop Marketing

Door drop marketing: does it work?

Take a moment to think about all the major brands that still invest heavily in leaflets: Domino’s, People’s Postcode Lottery and Aldi, to name a few. If promotional leaflets weren’t a lucrative form of investment, then why would such big businesses still bother? The answer is simple: they know their target audience, and they know the solution to their problems.

National promotions will target key locations across the country, and are intended to strengthen or create bonds with existing or potential clients. Designed to tempt, entice and solve problems, promotional leaflets are one of the most direct forms of marketing available in the UK. In a world consumed by digital media, it can be difficult to make those softer, more personal connections with clients – which is where door drop marketing finds its place.

One of my clients, a domestic and industrial cleaning firm, found one of their best customers via door drop marketing. We specifically targeted large business premises in the local area and included reviews, alongside before-and-after pictures within the design. The day after the leaflets had been delivered, my clients received a call directly from a company looking for a contracted office cleaner to work across both of their local offices. The manager was able to discuss their services directly with one of their dream clients. And after looking at their social media pages and existing client reviews, my clients signed a contract with the firm which immediately gave them the return they were looking for, and more.

The business later told my client that they felt the leaflet answered their prayers, and seemed to arrive exactly when they needed it. The firm’s director liked the unique, professional and personal touch the leaflet offered and found the solution much more appealing than hunting online for what they needed. They felt it was a completely hassle-free way to build a reliable business connection.

Using leaflet drops as part of your business’s marketing strategy really can help you to build trust within the local community, strengthen your reputability and drive new business leads. So how can you make sure your business’s promotional leaflets hit the mark?

Leaflet drops: 5 ways to maximise their impact

So you’re ready to invest in the benefits of door drop marketing? Then here are five ways to maximise their impact.

1 – Solve their problems

Thanks to our fast-paced digital age, we’re surrounded by choice. With the click of a button, we can get exactly what we want delivered straight to our door within hours. We want immediate solutions to our problems. If we want a curry, we want it delivered in under 30 minutes. If we want new fencing, we want the best quality, at the best price, in the quickest possible time. You get the idea.

So make sure that your leaflets are designed to provide answers. Make your offer or service clear and accessible. By doing so, you’re informing your prospective clients that you know exactly what they need, and that you’re the best business to provide it.

2 – Clear and consistent design

After looking at your leaflet, your prospective client should be able to see the same design and tone across your website and social platforms. The leaflet should be a direct extension of your brand style, using the same typography, colour palettes, and tone of voice. Your brand identity is crucial in building effective relationships with clients.

3 – Promotions and discounts

We all love a bargain, so in order to attract new clients, why not include an offer they simply can’t refuse? Stimulate excitement and curiosity by offering money off a product or service, an exclusive discount code, early-bird sale access or a generous referral scheme. Try to make your offer as irresistible as possible by only offering them on certain days, or within certain timeframes. Unless it’s completely off brand, there’s no harm in creating a sense of urgency around your promotions too – Shop our exclusive 7-day sale.

4 – Have a clear call to action (CTA)

This seems to be something a lot of companies just can’t get right. The recipient of your leaflet will often decide whether to put it in the recycling within just ten seconds, so having a clear call to action is essential if you want to improve your customer’s experience. Enter the discount code online by the 1st of January to receive 30% off all services. Visit our showroom on Boxing Day for exclusive savings. Call us on ____ to book your table.

But it’s a fine balance. Far too often, I see businesses throwing together a poorly designed leaflet emblazoned with garish CTAs. Your customers need one or two clear pathways if they wish to find out more, not eight.

5 – Avoid errors

If you want to appear professional and trustworthy, then make sure your leaflets are clear, punchy and error free. Over 65% of consumers are put off by poor spelling, grammar and punctuation, so get your content written and/or checked by a professional. Using a company to arrange your business’s door drop marketing means less stress and less hassle. They can arrange the design, printing and delivery for you, so you can just sit back and relax.

Invest in door drop marketing today

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