Being a member of The Cheshire Business Directory is full of perks.

We all know the benefits of being a Directory member. Targeted leaflet distribution across the local area; social media advertising to over 120,000 prospective clients; local event advertising and sponsorship, and access to bespoke networking events – the list goes on.

But as a Directory member, do you really know how to make the most of your membership? This week, we wanted to share with you the top 6 ways to maximise your membership with the Cheshire Business Directory. Here goes

Say hello

So you’ve just joined us? Then take the microphone and say hello. Come and introduce yourself to your fellow Directory members.

All Directory members are invited to write an introductory feature article, which will then be shared on our website and across all of our social media platforms. This is the perfect opportunity to sell your brand and explain the services you provide.

You can also submit an article at any time. So if you have a story to tell that’ll increase your brand awareness, then get writing.

(If you’re feeling unsure, feel free to get in touch with the Directory’s recommended copywriter, who’ll be more than happy to help you.) 

Get posting

Being a member of The Cheshire Business Directory, you now have the immediate power to speak to over 120,000 people from right across the local area. With just the click of a button.

So if you haven’t begun to utilise our social media groups, then now is the perfect time to get posting. With further measures expected to be implemented to slow the spread of coronavirus, it’s vital that we develop our online business presence in order to reach our ideal clients.

First, check out the ALDERLEY EDGE, Wilmslow and Cheshire golden triangle group on Facebook. Advertise directly to over 24,000 people from across Cheshire and Greater Manchester. Remember, you can post up to 7 times a week. By mixing up the content you’re sharing, you’re more likely to disrupt the users’ daily scrolling. As well as sharing price lists and client reviews, why not tell the group what problem you can solve for them? Or run a promotion or competition and share it across the platform? Eye-catching visuals alongside consistent colour palettes and typography help to draw attention to your brand and build loyalty.

And what’s more, all members can also join the Cheshire Business Directory’s Facebook page. This is a great way to share a special offer or advertise an upcoming event.


So 2020 has not been the year of face-to-face networking. We’ve really missed hosting our bustling Directory networking events in glamourous locations across the county, but our online events have really taken off. If you’re a Directory member, keep an eye out for our next virtual networking event. It’s well worth coming along. They’re a great way to get to know your fellow members, and gain B2B contacts.

All members can also join the Cheshire Business Directory’s members’ group. This members only page allows you to access advice and support, build relationships and forge effective partnerships. Get to know your fellow Directory members and reach out for a one-to-one. Remember, introductions are full of possibilities.

Stand out

When a member of the public browses The Cheshire Business Directory to look for a specific service, they’ll be reading your online business listing. This includes your logo, contact details and business description.

But to ensure your listing really stands out from the crowd, ask your clients to leave reviews directly onto your Directory page. Encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences, and in doing so, build trust with all prospective clients. (In order to prevent any rogue reviews, all submissions are subject to approval prior to going live.)

Recommend and refer

Want to claim money back on your membership? Yes, you heard it right. Claim all the benefits of Directory membership for free. All Cheshire Business Directory members can make their money back, just by providing a business referral. For every business referral you make, you’ll claim back £30.

Claim your discounts

Enjoy 10% off Cheshire Marketing’s packages. Their services include: targeted leaflet distribution, outsourced marketing packages and social media .

Access 25% off all networking event fees. Make contacts, build connections, and promote your business. (Fizz and patisseries optional.) What’s not to love?

We understand. There’s never enough time to do it all, right? So if you’re pushed for time, try to implement just one of the recommendations above. And set yourself a realistic target for completion. In doing so, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed. Remember, small gains build great wins.

If you need to concentrate on your business’s daily operations, and just haven’t got the time to promote it the way you’d wish to, then check out the other tiers available to you as a Cheshire Business Directory member. We can also provide a fully tailored advertising and promotion package to suit you, with unlimited member support.

So whatever your marketing requirements, The Cheshire Business Directory can deliver them. Contact Kerry on 07501 896 445 for further information and advice.

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