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Small Business Community Launch

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A group for business owners to join the business community and receive business growth tips to grow your business - there will be weekly tips, monthly videos, expert speakers, free resources, courses, workshops and so much more to help your business. Businesses are welcome to ask questions, join in with the discussions and there will be separate threads where you can promote your business.

Cheshire Business Directory are a North Cheshire Business Awards Partner

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Cheshire Business Directory are pleased to be an award partner to the North Cheshire Business Awards 2023. The North Cheshire Business Awards gives you an opportunity to raise and promote your brand. Enter your business now - read on...

Cheshire Business Directory are super pleased to be the Marketing Sponsor for the Wilmslow Community Show

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Cheshire Business Directory are super pleased to be the Marketing Sponsor for the Wilmslow Community Show taking place on the 3rd July in Wilmslow. Cheshire Business Directory is delighted to support local events and community initiatives, and on the day of the event - we shall be handing out Cheshire Business Directory goodie bags.

Mayor of Stockport visits the Cheshire Business Networking in Bramhall

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The first Cheshire Business Networking of 2022 took place on the 1st February at the Lighting From Lit showroom in Bramhall Stockport. The Mayor and Mayoress of Stockport Town Council came to visit and had a brilliant time speaking to businesses. It was a very good turn out with local businesses attending.

How I Went From 0-100 Clients in Six Months

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As we get ready to wave goodbye to 2021, it’s a great time to stop and reflect on the last 12 months. (And yes, what a year it’s been!) Take stock and focus on your business’s strengths and areas for improvement. Doing so will make your plans for the new year much more effective.

Do Leaflet Drops Work?

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I always knew that reading endless celebrity gossip in Heat Magazine would pay off - even if my Mum didn’t believe me. Growing up, I was your typical girly girl who was always playing with barbies, dolls and my gorgeous house rabbit, Daisy. As an only child, I enjoyed spending time on my own and when I wasn’t surrounded by pink toys, I’d probably have my head in a book or be writing stories. Fast forward 20 years, and I’m now doing that for a living…

Networking for newbies

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Networking is your chance to gain new business and create a strong support network. It really is true: professional peers are often better than friends or family at championing our businesses. New contacts can support you in strengthening and driving your business forward. And it’s widely understood that we are more likely to recommend colleagues with whom we’ve formed strong professional relationships.

How to write engaging Facebook posts to increase conversion

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So you want to use Facebook to create interest in your business, build traffic and generate sales, but you don’t know where to start. Well, with over two billion monthly active users, Facebook is the number one site for driving conversions, so you’re definitely in the right place. Your customer base is out there waiting: you just need to know how to reach them. This week, discover our top ten ways to create engaging Facebook posts for your business.

10 ways to advertise your business for free

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are on the lookout for ways to diversify income streams, build business opportunities and improve cash flow. So this week, we wanted to share with you 7 ways to help generate income for your business.

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