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Understanding the Division of Assets in Divorce Proceedings

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Sorting out finances during divorce proceedings can be intricate and protracted, often involving untangling financial matters accumulated over years of marriage. While it's typically clear that assets amassed during the marriage should be shared based on needs, the status of pre-existing wealth, such as inheritance or gifts, raises important questions about its inclusion in the divorce settlement. Lucy Hart, Director and Family Lawyer at Sinclair Law Solicitors, highlights this, stating, "Determining the fate of inherited wealth amidst divorce proceedings can be complex."

10 ways to add growth to your business

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No matter what industry your business is in, how long you’ve been trading for or however many people are working behind the scenes, it’s likely we all want more customers. And, while there might not be a formula for overnight success, there are a few crucial steps you can take that will help to get your name out there. Here, I reveal some of the best tried-and-tested techniques for growing your business.

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