What is the Cheshire Business Directory?

It is an online business directory covering Cheshire which includes social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Businesses pay to have a listing on the directory website which also allows access to social media advertising. There are 6 packages and the Cheshire Business Directory will have an online and offline presence.  Charities are allowed to have free listings.

Is the Cheshire Business Directory Verified?

Yes, this is a verified business directory which  businesses are checked by the recommendations and monitored by using feedback and testimonials.

How long is the contract for and what do I need to do if I wanted to upgrade?

Six months. You can upgrade at any time. You can downgrade after the six-month contract.

Is this suitable for my business?

Yes, we support businesses across all sectors whether you are in the legal profession, a cake maker or established. Furthermore, it does not matter if you do not have any social media presence as we have a package suited to this. Established, corporate and start-ups are welcome to join.

What are the benefits of joining the Cheshire Business Directory?

Increases brand and visibility recognition in Cheshire; enhances online presence and helps with higher ranking for Google. The more listings you have online the more likely you will be seen, as the saying goes, looking for your business to be found, then having a listing. A directory is seen as a legitimate site therefore people are more likely to use it and it builds a trusting platform for local people to use. Furthermore, this directory has a review facility meaning local people can leave a review for your business which will further strengthen your branding and gain trust from your customers. A directory is a brilliant way to search for local businesses, connect and interact with other businesses in the area. More and more people are becoming online – having an online presence is a must in business.  It can take up to 3 times of noticing your branding before a customer uses you so having a listing will strengthen local recognition of your business.  Your aim is to cement your brand’s image into customers’ minds and being on the Cheshire Business Directory will help with this. We will be using multiple strategies to promote the directory [read below].

How will the Directory be promoted?

Cheshire Business Directory will be promoted on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. We have our own Facebook group which totals over 40,000 members and we also have multiple Facebook business pages which can further promote the Directory. We have our own group on LinkedIn and exceed 800 connections.  Offline we aim to promote the Directory as a whole by leaflet distribution, with 5,000-10,000 leaflets a month targeting different areas in Cheshire aimed at residential houses and businesses. Also, we attend local business networking events such as Parentpreneur and we recently became a member of Business for Breakfast Wilmslow and Alderley Edge group.  In addition, we are sponsoring the Northern Women in Business Expo event in October. We plan to attend local school fairs using signs and magnets to further promote the Directory. We have multiple strategies in place, and we are always looking at opportunities to promote the Directory.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time after six months by contacting us at kerry@cheshire-directory.co.uk and also by making sure your standing order is cancelled.

What if I do not use social media?

We have a package to cover this, where we will do the posts on your behalf. This is called tier 2.

Can I recommend people to join the Directory?

Yes, and you get a referral fee of £30 [or vouchers] if they successfully join. There are no limits on how many businesses you recommend. You could recommend a business each month!

How do I pay?

Standing order or PayPal. If you choose to pay annually then you can make a bank transfer, and we do accept cheques.

What happens if I do not have a logo to upload?

Use a picture of your product or service. We ask you to choose your best picture to illustrate this.

What if I am unhappy?

Please do tell us. We have a professional approach therefore we would welcome feedback on how to improve and help you in anyway possible. We have a 100% dedication to our clients.

What happens if I am ill or going through a difficult time in my life?

Please contact us as we want to help you as much as we can. We can freeze your membership.

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