Enabling time poor individuals to achieve more business on LinkedIn.

With a staggering 39 million users in the UK alone, LinkedIn offers unparalleled opportunities for profile development, business connections, and revenue growth.

Many people say to me…

“I don’t have the time”, “I’m not on LinkedIn enough”, “I’m not on here often”, and “I know I need to do more”.

I hear it a lot, and it amazes me that only 1% of LinkedIn users are genuinely ‘active’. Active meaning people post content, engage with posts, and interact with others and so on.

I ask myself, why are more people not active. Why are more people not seeing the opportunities on there. How is this not obvious? I find it fascinating. I think that’s mainly due to my own ‘business development’ and ‘sales’ mentality, which has developed over many years.

Why should you believe me?

Personally, I have 27 years experience of business development and sales. I have developed numerous markets and clients from scratch, in various countries. My sector experience includes recruitment, finance, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, retail, aerospace & defence, IT and technology, telecoms. My international market experience includes UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, USA, Mexico, Canada.

So I’ve been around the block a bit. I’m feeling older as I type!

I’ve been active on LinkedIn for over 20 years. And over the past few years I’ve personally sourced and generated over £350,000 worth of business opportunities. ALL from LinkedIn.

What’s the power of LinkedIn?

Recently, our neighbours and ourselves were discussing the fact that we hadn’t received any post for a few weeks. One neighbour had not seen a postman or letters for several weeks. I decided enough was enough. I sent an InMail on LinkedIn to the CEO of Royal Mail. Thinking it’s worth a try! He responded same day, and advised me to contact one of his exec team on a specific email address. I sent an email as advised. Was professional, critical of service and a complaint in essence. Next morning, I walked outside, and saw a chap talking on the doorstep with the lady next door. Turns out he was a depot manager from Royal Mail. He spoke with me as well and was very apologetic about their failings and how unacceptable it was etc.  Next thing we have some regular(ish) mail again.

THAT’s what LinkedIn can do.

Below are some tips on why you should be doing MORE on LinkedIn 

Your existing clients are ALL on there

Why not engage with their content, keep in touch, keep yourself ‘noticed’ and ‘present’ in their eyes. Add it to ways in which you can deliver ‘great customer service’.

 Your potential clients are ALL on there 

Why not increase your connections with new approaches to your target client audiences. Engage with their posts and articles. Use this as an additional business development tool to create new business relationships. 

New markets and opportunities are ALL on there

Why not seek out new opportunities within new sectors and markets. No need to go too far afield in terms of research, when all the business leaders, managers, teams, departments, divisions, sites etc are ALL on LinkedIn!

Peers, colleagues and past, present future contacts are ALL on there

There’s great advantage in knowledge sharing, keeping yourself relevant, keeping yourself in the spotlight and memory of others. You can seek advice, guidance, mentoring and many other things that can help you and your business to succeed.

Any observations, questions, or if you would like to know more about how Hemsley Ltd can help you DO MORE on LinkedIn…

..please do not hesitate to ask – rob@hemsley.ltd.

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