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Kerry Burgess
Owner, Cheshire Marketing

I grew up in Wilmslow. I completed a B.A Honours Degree in 2011. I have two children who are my business motivation.

That’s me in a nutshell! I have a passion for helping businesses to thrive.

Family Events is where it all began.

In 2012, I set up a business hosting a range of family events such as the Handforth Paddock Fair, Cheadle Hulme Family Markets and Poynton Village Fair, as well as events in Scotland, Essex, Nottingham and Warrington. We had sponsorship from Orbit Developments, Co-op Travel, Majestic Wines, Subway, housing associations and numerous other businesses. We were finalists for the Community Impact award for the North East Cheshire Business Awards.
Over the years, we had thousands of people attending the events, including MPs such as George Osborne, David Rutley and Mary Robinson, as well as the Mayor of Cheshire East Council and Stockport Borough Council.

Furthermore, we also gained a great deal of publicity and exposure through speaking live on BBC Manchester Radio and Manchester Evening News, Wilmslow Guardian, Cheshire Independent and Stockport Express.

In order for such events to be successful, organised/powerful/meaningful marketing strategies need to be in place One of my popular quotes in the Manchester Evening News and the Stockport Express was:

“I want to remind people that local businesses are the heartbeat of our towns”

this was the purpose of our events.

I would ask people at the door of the events: “Where did you hear about us?” Facebook and leaflets were the top two strategies, followed by signage. I therefore built up Facebook groups to help advertise the events, beginning 6 years ago, and one such group now has over 20,000 members! I found that people would ask questions, seek recommendations, post community news, sell items and post about business services in the area. The latter was superb for event promotion, as I pinned the events at the top of the groups to ensure people would see it every time they engaged within them.

Cheshire Marketing

In 2017, I rebranded and launched Cheshire Marketing. Within 15 months, we had clients such as The Gym Group and Alderley Edge Parish Council, as well as various retailers, opticians, event companies, local artists, corporate businesses, restaurants and more. We received daily enquiries from businesses wanting to advertise in the header of our Facebook Groups. Whenever businesses asked how we gained our clients so quickly, I responded that it is because of me; it is with absolute determination – getting out there and meeting people, networking, distributing well-designed leaflets, social media, standing outside my comfort zone by speaking to businesses directly, public speaking and not letting fear hold me back. Through this we gained excellent reviews, which helped the business to grow.

The Cheshire Business Directory was born!

As I was working with a vast range of businesses across Cheshire, the obvious next step was to create the Cheshire Business Directory, a platform for businesses to advertise on social media in an official capacity, and to have a designated listing on the Cheshire Business Directory itself. I use my marketing strategies such as professional networking, regular well-targeted leaflet drops, social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and participating in local events to help businesses to succeed.

We have a ‘let’s get out there’ approach.

If you would like to know more, visit the Directory Packages or for more information please contact us.

All rich business owners have great marketing systems. All poor business owners don’t.

Chris Cardell, Multimillionaire business owner who has helped many businesses to prosper