Accelerate your business in just 10 weeks with the Accelerate Your Business Program

If you answer YES to any of the below, then this is for you!

  • Want to make next year your BEST business year yet?
  • Are you struggling with knowing where to start?

  • Do you find getting new customers difficult?
  • Do you need more motivation and guidance on generating sales?
  • Do you find marketing and advertising tricky?

Level up your business for 2023

If no one knows about your business, how can they use you? The more people who use your business, the more sales and revenue your business generates. It really is that simple BUT it requires strategy and forward-thinking. If you do nothing, nothing will improve.

My brand-new 10-week program is designed and specialised to get more people to know about your business so people can use you. It will provide support, accountability, and step-by-step teaching to accelerate your business like nothing before.

Just imagine three months from now… You have a business generating more leads, a marketing plan that works and you’re increasing your profit. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, with this super-packed course it can be a reality!

That’s not all as the course covers:

  • Tried-and-tested techniques to grow your business
  • Common business mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to be more profitable
  • Identifying and securing the ideal client

What to expect

Over the course of 10 weeks, the Accelerate Your Business Program will cover:

Module 1 – How to create a marketing plan to generate sales & identify sales approaches that suit your target market.

Module 2 – Marketing techniques and lead generation to find new clients consistently as well as evaluating the message that you’re putting out there.

Module 3 – Facebook groups to supercharge your business and how you can maximise your time in these groups.

Module 4 – Ways that your business can become more profitable with effective time management & systems.

Module 5 – How to increase your followers and build a business-critical audience that is engaged.

Module 6 – Social media visibility to increase sales and leads and why having a presence is so important.

Module 7 – Building a mailing list to generate more enquiries and how this can be used to convert leads.

Module 8 – How to nail a 60-second powerful pitch which generates sales.

Module 9 – A guest expert who will advise on a common business problem.

Module 10 – Business growth and advertising, knowing which risks can impact sales and how you can overcome them.

A group will also be set up on Facebook for members to access tips, updates, and essential support. You’ll also be provided with a pitch template, sales template, marketing checklist and a full library of PDFs for marketing.

Sessions will take place weekly on Zoom at 8pm for 40 minutes and include a Q+A session. Even if you can’t make every session, it’s all recorded so you can watch in your own time.

Investment Cost

Valued at £4995 but I’m offering it at just £999 or three monthly instalments of £333.

I’m also offering a VIP Option for businesses who really want to accelerate, which includes all the above with three 1-2-1 calls for £1999.

Accelerate your business in just 10 weeks with the Accelerate Your Business Program

Do not take my word for it, see below the testimonials from business owners.

“The team at Cheshire Marketing have been a big contributor in assisting our new store launch in Hale & Wilmslow. They tactics we have utilised were all delivered with great energy and enthusiasm.” Storage World

“If it wasn’t for you my business might never have taken off and certainly not in the way it has. For the first time since I started in May 2018 I have work backed up and in a queue to be done.” Karen The Perfect Copy

“We would like to thank Kerry and her team for her help and support for our new business in Handforth… offered us some unique and personal advice. We will continue to use Cheshire Marketing and value Kerry as a resource for our exciting new venture. Thanks Kerry & the team at Cheshire Marketing from all of us at The Good Estate Agent in Handforth.”

“I’ve only been working with Kerry for a couple of weeks but am so impressed with her passion, drive and energy. She has excellent knowledge of marketing and social media.” Julie Elder Totally Holistic Health

Why listen to me?

  • I started and ran a national family events business that included working with big businesses such as Subway, Majestic Wine, and Co-op, and gained the support of MPs like George Osborne, David Rutley, and Mary Robinson.
  • I gained press coverage for my businesses in local papers and on the radio.
  • I came up with my own marketing strategies to successfully run family events in Scotland, Nottingham, Essex, Warrington, and Cheshire. I am self-taught and used the exact strategies that I will be teaching you.
  • I have a proven track record of achieving amazing results for businesses from all sectors including retail, trade, and corporate. This includes doubling a candle business’ orders, increasing leads for a law firm, helping a window cleaning business to gain 20 new customers in a month, helping a charity to grow, and supporting a copywriter to gain business. The list goes on…
  • I have experience working with B2B and B2C and have created a system which has generated me a profitable business with great flexibility to be there for my family.
  • I was also invited to be part of the Facebook Power Administration team which is ran by Facebook itself due to me running aseveral engaged Facebook groups – which in total have a 100K+ following. I have great knowledge of Facebook groups and how to grow a business with using Facebook groups.
  • In lockdown, I even set myself a challenge to create a completely different business that would generate at least £250. I created a brand from scratch and made £1k in a week through Facebook groups.